rewiring K & T wiring


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Question rewiring K & T wiring

I'm rewiring a circa 1915 house for a couple of reasons. With some floors up it seems like the best time to rewire the downstairs through the crawl space. Moving a kitchen etc. i'm in need of newer and more numerous circuits. All of the ceiling lights in the house are on the same 15 amp circuit and are all wired with old knob and tubing. Everything else in the house wire in a small aluminum cable. I would love to replace all of the K and T, in order to blow in insulation. It is difficult to fish wire from the attic to the downstairs ceiling lights, is there a way to patch onto knob and tubing with new NM 12-2 wiring? This would allow me to run new wiring in the attic and exterior walls so that I could then blow in cellulouse. Or should I just tear out all the knob and tubing and then rewire the downstairs ceiling lights from the crawl space? I am also planning on upgrading my service panel to 200 AMPs, but that should be okay for K and T if I don't increase the ampage?

Thanks for any advice.

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you cannot make any modifications to k&t you will have to replace the whole circuit. I would do this anyway, it's dangerous and it could save your family's life. It is not hard to fish a wall, I would suggest getting a book at one of the box stores called "Wiring simplified". It should help you immensly on your task. just be sure to wire it to code, if you need some codes, just ask and we would be happy to help you. for example, you need 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits for the kitchen countertops for small appliances, these must be gfi protected....there are lots of others and it gets costly, but it is all for safety.
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Thank you for confirming that the K & T needs to be removed, this is what I had suspected but I had also read of instances of patching for the short-term during a wiring job. I think i'm okay with fishing wire although it does seem tricky getting wire into the attic, the beams in this old house are very very stout and take serious effort to drill through. Hopefully I can follow the old wiring.


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Depending on your situation you may be able to run the wires through conduit attached to the outside of the house or through a closet. In this case for best practices you'd run single conductor wires through the conduit and transition to NM at a junction box on each end.

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