Cracked the blue box!


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Cracked the blue box!

Yesterday, I had to raise the outlet/receptacle about an inch for the floor installers and accidently cracked the blue box down along one corner. Is the box "just" to contain the wires since it is just plastic or do I need to replace it now? I am so hoping you say NO!

It is a plug in the floor and right next to a glass sliding door and was really hard to get the box out since it was just nailed at the sides to the subfloor. Once out, I could not nail it back in raised up like that so I pierced the box on the side about an inch down with a nail and then screwed it back in the raised position. It was working okay until I tried to pierce another side and screw that in and it cracked. I have no power tools so it was a tough job for me. Thanks in advance for your help.
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I'm not quite sure what to say, since those blue plastic boxes are not allowed for floor receptacles in the first place. If you want to do this right, you need a floor-rated box. Unfortunately, it's probably not exactly the same size as the box you have, so that could present a problem for your new flooring.

One of the jobs of the box is to keep potential sparks from setting your house on fire. If the crack is essentially still closed and has no opening, then the box will probably contain the sparks almost as well now as it did before. And hopefully it still holds the receptacle securely. On the other hand, it pretty easy and cheap to replace it, so why not?
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You need to replace it with a floor rated box. About $55-$60.
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Thanks for your replies. Why am I not surprised that this is wrong too-ugh! You are right in that these floor boxes are much bigger than the single blue box and will involve cutting into the brand new hardwood floors. Don't they make smaller ones? Geez, it is just 2 plugs! Under the hardwood is just plywood floor and then insulation. The box is just side nailed (well now it is screwed) into the plywood. Looks like I will be replacing it but it is such a shame they did not install it in the wall but there was no room between the two sliding doors.

I already lost one outlet in that room when the box was sitting on the floor. It was an outdoor green outlet box and I had the electician move it through the wall and outside. There is another outlet on the other side of that wall so will that be an easy way to hook into the electic and add another outlet on the opposite side of the wall? Hope that makes sense.

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