Use a junction box with 6/3?


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Use a junction box with 6/3?

A major home improvement messed my request for 200' of 6/3. They gave me 180' and 20'. They also gave me a junction box to connect the two pieces. I'm thinking that ain't right, isn't it dangerous to do that. The cost of t he wire is so outrageous I think they should give me a full run of 200'. If the advice from ya'll says it is OK or safe to do this I will let it go, otherwise I will have to take it back and get a full run. My electrician isn't coming till saturday so, please give me advice. Thanks, Jeannie
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It is always better to have no splices. If you ordered 200', I would expect 200'. But splices must be in a junction box.
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You asked for 200' you should have gotten 200'. The price you paid for the ire you should have gotten one piece not two.
The junction box must remain accessible. You can not bury it inside a wall or ceiling.
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Looks like whoever you got this from was giving you scrapes or didn't know how to measure. Like the others have posted, have them replace it with a single 200' run.

Splicing it in a J box will just cause problems later down the road, and the unsightly j box will be annoying as well.
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FWIW, I spliced 4/2 (with ground) AL wire in a Junction box, and it passed inspection, so it can be done safely. But I only did it because it was the best alternative for my existing construction. I would've rather run a continous cable.

The point here though is that you're expecting a continuous run, you're willing to pay for that run, and you should get it. If settling for a splice in a J-box makes their life easier, perhaps they can compensate you for it.
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I would make them replace the cable; but if you do end up splicing it, make certain that the connectors they gave you are rated for #6 wire. Don't just cram wirenuts on there unless the package explicit says they are rated for (2) #6 wires each. Also, make sure the NM box clamps are rated for 6/3 cable.
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