Need some help (Wiring)


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Need some help (Wiring)

Need some help I replaced from far left of wall 1 light switch 1 plug
And now to the far right of wall 2 light switches and 1 plug now for my problem my light switches work fine but for the plugs they do not work at all could I have screwed up the wiring in my 2 light switches for the plugs not to work?
thanks for your help
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Please use punctuation and capitalization. It makes your posts easier to read (and makes you come across as if you really want a response).

Yes, you could have screwed up the wiring any where you madea change. You should have replaced them one at a time and tested everything after each was replaced.

Go back and check your connections. If you forget how things were connected, and cannot figure it out, then tell us what you have and we can help you figure it out.
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Talking what do you have now?

in the light switch box how many wires are there not counting the ground?if there is only 2 1 black 1 white and ground.and those 2 are connected to the switch. it is not the light switch and you have a problem in your wiring at the outlet. check the out let make sure you dont have a hot/nutural reverse. make sure the black wire /hot wire is connected to the gold scure.and white /nutural silver. you can buy a simple outlet tester you just plug in and it tell you if you have it correct.if all that is correct tell me what you have and i will work the problem with you

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