GFCI and Multiwire Circuits


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GFCI and Multiwire Circuits

My house uses one mulitwire circuit for the two small appliance circuits in the kitchen.

I was reading that a GFCI is needed at each location on a multiwire circuit. However, in my case, not all of the kitchen receptacles are GFCIs.

Perhaps I have one 3-wire circuit from the service panel to the kitchen, where it then splits into two 2-wire circuits? That's the only way that makes sense to me.
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Yes, that's the way it is done.

Trip one of the GFCI receptacles and then check which regular receptacles no longer have power. Then reset the GFCI and do the same with the other GFCI.

I suggest that you label the regular receptacles as to which GFCI feeds them. A P-Touch labeler with 1/4 inch clear tape works well.

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