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Question New Panel location

In attempting to rewire my older house I have decided to upgrade the 100 Amp service to 200 amps. This upgrade also gives a much needed opportunity to move the service panel from the front porch where it is located (with wires wrapping around and up the side of the house in conduit). I was hoping to move it inside the crawl space but there is only 40 inches of clearence and I don't believe code allows for this location. The other obvious locations inside the house are located above very very difficult to access parts of the crawl space and I think would cause problems down the road. The house is a duplex and I think it would be good to have access from common space for each apartment.

What does code say about mounting a panel on the outside of the house? The back of the house for instance, the meter is the front so I know I will need a disconnect between the meter and the panel. Is it possible to just feed wires through the exterior wall (from the crawlspace)? If I build a box (with a small roof) to protect the panel do I need to purchase a water-proof box?

thanks in advance.

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Here in california, we use meter/load center combo's. The meter is on one side and the breaker section is on the other, we have hardly any panels indoors, so yes, you can find a NEMA 3R box for outdoor use, this is of course if your POCO and local authority allows for it.
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Check with your local building department. Some places (as hbsparky said) use outdoor boxes frequently. Others, such as around here, I've never seen one, and I'm not sure the inspector would permit one. With the winters here, I wouldn't want to trudge through 2' of snow to turn off or reset a breaker.

I'm not sure what would be considered indoor or outdoor location, but if it's on the exterior of the house, you'd probably want to stick with an outdoor rated panel. Even with a roof and doors, moisture, humidity, etc. can still affect it - and you don't want to have to worry about it rusting in 5 years.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm in Virginia and I have seen a number of outdoor service panels located next to meters on the sides of the house. I'm checking with my building inspector. I post back when i get the official response for this area.


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