Drilling Joist for Recessed Lights


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Drilling Joist for Recessed Lights

I posted a message here several weeks ago about a contractor who simply stapled the Bx cable for recessed lights to the bottom of the joist rather than running it through the joist (1st floor of 2 story home).

The electrician has finally agreed to come back after much prodding and redo the work by running the cable through the joists.

However, the electrician is saying he will need to cut approx 12 x 18 inch holes in the ceiling to this. Seems a bit excessive to me and I would imagine there are special tools (right angle drill bits) that would facilitate this work and make it unnecessary to make that big of hole?

Any thoughts?
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He's trying to make you decide to not have him come back.
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I had a sloppy electrician do work at my house. My advice - don't let him back in your home. Get another one who does quality work (often found through referrals.

You are correct about the hole - with a right angle drill he should be able to make a hole much smaller than that.
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But it doesn't make much difference. Fixing a large hole in the drywall isn't really any harder (and sometimes easier) then fixing a smaller hole. The only hard part about drywall repair is the repainting anyway.
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With the right tools, almost anything is possible. My parents had a (good) electrician install 6 recessed lights in their kitchen. The electrician was able to do it without making ANY holes in the ceiling (except for the 6 lights). He used a long flexible drillbit, I think called a bellhanger's bit to drill from one light hole to the next, then pulled the cable back through using the bit.

Pretty impressive if you ask me.

This may not work in every situation, but someone experienced can do a lot with a minimum of extra holes.
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it would all depend on the exact layout of the lighting

If the drywall was not up when he first did his install, then I would ask him to pay to have the drywall fixed now.

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