Replacing a cord for a window A/C unit


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Replacing a cord for a window A/C unit

My dog did a number on the cord for my small window A/C unit and I've been told I can just replace the cord. Obviously I've never done such a thing and don't want to go into it blindly.

Any thoughts on where to start? I'd hate to toss the unit; it's only two years old.
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The safest thing to do would be to contact the manufacturer for a direct replacement.

However, you can find a replacement cord by taking the old one to an appliance parts store and having them give you an exact replacement. Take the old cord with you, and before you disconnect it take a picture of the connections, or make detailed notes as to how it is connected.
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Many home wiring books tell you how to repair damaged appliance cords. Since yours is on an appliance that uses a lot of power, and not just some simple lamp, you need to do an especially good job.

Be sure to note carefully that the wires in the cord are not symmetrical or interchangeable. One is the neutral and one is the hot (and maybe a third one for the ground). Look closely. The neutral wire is usually ribbed or striped to identify it. Make sure it gets put back together the same way. If you mess it up, the A/C will still work, it just won't be as safe as it was before.
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If this AC has a thing on the end of the plug with a test and reset button you MUST obtain the proper cord from the manufacturer. I just bought a window ac for the season and its cord had one of those things on it and the book said to obtain the proper replacement should the original become damaged. The cord it self says"Shielded 90C VW-1 AWM Style 16AWG/3C" Oh and what is that thing on the plug anyway? A GFCI or AFCI
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There are a few different types of protectors included on appliances, most notably hair dryers. I do not believe they are actually a Class A GFCI based on the technical definition, but they perform a similar function.
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New cord

I would contact the manufacturer for the replacement. I wil mention, though, installing the new cord is not something the user would usually do. They are not made to be replaced by the consumer.

By the way, how's the dog? O.K., I hope.
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Thank you so much for your advice and feedback. I'll let you know how I proceed!

Oh the dog is just fine, thanks for asking! She chewed it AFTER the summer but before I had the chance to take it to storage.

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