i've got a concrete light pole


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i've got a concrete light pole

in the back yard, no pool. 4' buried, 16' in the air. at the top is a couple of 300w floods, metal box, UF fed underground. The pole has an integral stranded bare wire coming out side, underground. The other side is out the top of the pole. It's a solid pole, with a pvc tube up the middle for the wiring, but the bonding wire is cast-in.
OK, so the question, is related to the potential ground rod, and the attachment (or not) of the bonding wire to the metal box on top, which is already grounded to the EGC. My plan is to use a ground rod at the base for lightning "protection", and bond the bell box to that conductor, as well as the feeder EGC. Any code issue here? Is this smart to do? The other option is to try to insulate the lightning down conductor from the lamp wiring, somehow.
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You will have to run your grounding wire all the way back to the panel, regardless. I would run the UF cable all the way to the top and bond it there. A separate grounding rod won't suffice except for perceived lightning protection. Is there a junction box near the bottom?

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