Power at outlet, but nothing works???


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Cool Power at outlet, but nothing works???

My wife plugged a laptop into a surge protecter and we lost power at that outlet as well as one in the center of the room. The breaker was not tripped, so I checked for power at the outlet where the computer was. Nothing. I figured the center outlet didn't work, because it's wired in a series. I replaced both outlets and now have power at both according to a neon circuit tester. They're wired correctly, yet when I plug anything into those outlets nothing works. Not very knowledgable in wiring, but I don't understand why I have power at both outlets and nothing works? ... and yes I plugged a couple items in the outlets. Help!
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You sound like you have lost the return path for the electric. You need to turn off the power and look for a loose connection in the circuit. The loose connection could be anywhere, but I would start at the most commonlt used receptacles or the last working one or the first one that doesn't work.

If the wires are backstabbed, move the wires to the screw terminals.
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Does your neon circuit tester light up between the narrow slit and the grounding hole, or between the two slits, or between the wide slit and the grounding hole, or some combination of the above?
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The tester glows if you insert the probes in both slots and it also glows when inserting one probe in the short slot and the other probe in the horseshoe 3rd hole. That's why I felt the wires were not reversed.

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