GFCI circuits


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GFCI circuits

I'm running two circuits out to a pool area (multi wire circuit with a shared nuetral) I'm installing two GFCI breakers.

1. is this the correct way to hook up a gfci breaker....attach the hot and nuetral to the breaker and then attach the white supplied with the breaker to the nuetral/ground bar?

2.I'm running from the panel to a junction box a few feet away and then out to my do I share a nuetral if both cfci's need a nuetral at the panel? can I splice a nuetral at the junction and up to the breaker?

3. I'm coming out of the panel to a 4 inch square junction box.....from the junction box up to my switch and out to the light and recp. outsideI'm using #10 wire all the way....can I use #12 from the junction box to my switch or shoul I stick with #10. (from the panel to the junction box and to the switch is no more than a few feet)

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You MUST use a 2-pole GFCI breaker to protect a multiwire circuit. Else, you will have to use GFCI receptacles (or faceless switches) at the point where the circuits separate.

You can certainly use #12 at any point, assuming this is a 20A circuit. It is common to just upsize the long runs, while making the shorter ones the normal size for ease of installation.
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GFCI and multiwire circuits don't get along very well. Furthermore, multiwire circuits are only useful in a limited number of situations.

Here are some options: (1) The (expensive) double-pole 120/240 GFCI breaker, (2) Split the multiwire in a junction box so that the neutrals are no longer shared, and then use a GFCI receptacle at the first outlet on each line, (3) Give up on the multiwire circuit; it's a bad idea anyway.

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