Electric range burner switch


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Electric range burner switch

I need to replace the burner switch on an electric range top. I am assuming I just remove the burner box from under the glass cooktop and then the switch can be accessed and replaced. Does anyone have any tips for doing this so I don't damage any parts or turn this into a marathon session?

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Having never seen your range, I would hate to venture a guess. You may want to try asking this same question in the appliance forum.


I can tell you for sure that if it were me doing this project, I would poke and prod at the thing till I broke some stupid metal or plastic clip, that is not available in any stores, and can only be ordered from the factory, half way arround the world for an un-godly amount of money, and will take two to four weeks for delivery.

This is the part where I break out my handy roll of duct tape

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