Junction Box and Bath fan and light fixture


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Junction Box and Bath fan and light fixture

I have junction box next to a Bathroom fan/lights. Can I move the junction box wires in the Bathroom fan/lights box? Are there issues with this that I need to consider?

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Define "move the junction box wires."
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I have a bathroom fan a couple of inches a way from a junction box. Can I use the Bathroom fans box as a junction box?
I would think so. I would need worry about how many wires are in the box. Am I right?

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It's not completely clear what you are trying do to due to ambiguities in your phrasing.

However, a junction box that is manufactured as part of the fan assembly is usually too small to be used for any wires not serving the fan. Such a box must be "rated" or "listed" to be used as a junction box, which usually involves some type of notation (sorry I am not that familiar with the specifics) and a Cubic Inch capacity stamped in the box.

The rules for figuring out how many wires will fit "by code" in the box are not that complicated. A photo of the box, a description, or the cubic inch capacity would be helpful, along with a count of all wires and gauges that would be in the box. 2.25 inches per wire for 12 AWG, 2.00 inches for 14 AWG, all grounds together count as one of the largest volumes and a device counts as two of the largest volume, if I remember correctly.

Note that just because code would allow a specific quantity of wires in the box, does not mean that that many wires in the box would be easy to deal with.

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