Replace underground wire


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Replace underground wire

I have approx 300 ft of directly buried aluminum wire going from a sub-panel off the service entrance to a mobile home on the property. I have had several breaks due to corrosion and would like to replace the wire and put it in conduit. There are two wires that are labeled " utility-MT 1/0 AL XLP 600 volts Type use (UL) " and one wire labeled "RHW OR RHH 600 volts XLPE(UL)
8000 series alloy GCC-P 2 AWG AL. All go to a 100 amp panel in the mobile home. The first two are connected to the two "hot" sides in the box and the last one is connected to the neutral busbar.
Is there a cable assembly I could replace these wires with or what is an acceptable alternative. I will appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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Some things to consider: the third cable is your grounding cable and is a smaller diameter wire. The 1/0 is proper for the 100 amp panel. Unless someone has hit the cables while they are buried, you shouldn't have any corrosion within the cable, but since you did, replacement is a good idea. However, since you are replacing it, now is a good time to consider the possibility of a later upgrade, and run 2/0 cable instead of the 1/0. The cable you have is meant for direct burial, but running it in conduit is a good idea. I would use the same type cable even in the conduit.
I mention this because we just purchased an adjoining cabin to our property and want to add a heat pump to it. We only have 100 amp service. Why on earth the poco only ran 1/0 from the pad mount underground I will never know. Anyone with foresight should know upgrades are possible. Now, they have to come out and run new cable from the pad mount to my meter base in order to effect the upgrade.
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I have yet to see the POCO upgrade their wires from the pole even when the house went from 100 to 200 amp service.
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around here, as long as it is tri-plex, its good to go
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The service drop is harldy ever changed ... The PoCo simply won' bother unless the wires start cooking off. Then they will replace them, however 90% of the population will never come close to maxing out the wires anyway.
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Mine is being changed to 4/0 tomorrow afternoon from the pad mount to my meter base at no cost to me. Their reasoning for the 1/0 was back in the 80's when all this was put in, the demand wasn't so great, but nowadays with heat pumps, heat strips, dryer, range, well pump, water heater, etc. they agreed the upgrade was necessary. They did agree with you that the current load may not exceed the wire size, but they also didn't want to deal with cooking wires later on at an inconvenient time.

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