range circuit breaker trips w more than one burner


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range circuit breaker trips w more than one burner

New range with new cable trips when oven is used or more than one burner. Problem is similar to 24 yr old range which we replaced but worse. seems if must either be the breaker or the receptecale into which cable is plugged. How do I find if 50 amp circuit breaker is faulty?
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Replace it and see if the new one trips.
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I would take an amp reading first. It does sound like it could be the breaker but I like to check a few things first.

Turn off the breaker and remake all the joints in the receptacle and in the panel.

I would suppose you aleady looked at this but any idea what the draw is on the oven/range. Just thinking it might be a super duper heavy duty oversize range/oven that draws more than the circuit can supply
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I assume you checked the plate or instructions on the range to be sure of power requirements??? New range requires a neutral, not likely the problem, but was a new cable installed??
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If you read the nameplate on the range,, If you are under 12 KW [ 12,000 watts ] the 50 amp breaker will handle this much load but if your range nameplate is over 12 KW then you have some issuse with the rating there.

The best way is look for the nameplate that useally found under the oven in the drawer area but it might show up in other area as well.

Most resdential electric range useally run anywhere from 8 to 12 KW area so the possiblty is the breaker is weak only way to verify it is useing the clamp-on ampmeter to verify the reading if stay below of 50 amp and the breaker trip then the breaker is weak but if reading over 50 then you have much larger range than the breaker can handle.

A range burner useally run about 2500 watts and oven useally anywhere from 1800 to 3600 watts depending on what model it have

Like example a stove burner running full speed and typical oven running both useally about 4,000 to 5,000watts [ 16.6 - 21 amp ]

let us know what you find the nameplate rating there

Merci , Marc

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