Conduit Question


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Conduit Question

A while back (before I finished the basement), I ran a 6-3 w/ground cable for a future hot tub that was going to be installed on the deck.

Well the time has come to hook it all up. That part is the fairly straight forward and I don't see any major problems with that part as I've done electrical work in the past.

Here's where I'm stumped.

My 6-3 Cable comes out right in the middle of my 2x10 Ledger Board on the deck. I know I need water proof conduit from there to my GFCI box but how or what do I use to attach the conduit to the ledger board. Since the cable is already there, I can't make the hole bigger and run my conduit in like it should be plus I already foamed the orginal hole where the cable goes through.

Any suggestions?
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It sounds like you have a 6 AWG cable that is already being used, and now you want to put conduit around it without disconnecting it. If I am reading that part right, that is not too realistic.

First, local codes prevail. Presumably you've checked them. Here "bare" cable would not be allowed at all; it would have to be in conduit from the panel all the way to the outdoor GFCI.

Second, if cable is permitted on the interior, why can't you mount a junction box on the ledger board, centered over the exit hole, and from that junction box run conduit to your GFCI/disconnect?

Otherwise I've seen conduit or long rigid nipple stubbed through a hole with a grommeted (waterproof) fitting on the inside. From there to a conduit body on the ledger board, and conduit on from there.
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Easy fix

First of all, I agree with ArgMeMatey in that you have to get the current cable out of the existing hole to begin any remedy.

If you have a ledger board attached to a rim joist, then you are talking about a total thickness of 3" that you have to drill through. Pick away as much foam as you can and pull the cable out of the existing hole.

Next take a piece of scrap 3/4" thick plywood or pine which measure abou 4" X 4" and drill a hole in it that is close or the same diameter as the conduit you will use to surround/protect the cable. (I'll let the experts tell you what size conduit you should use).

Temporarily mount this scrap piece over the curent hole in the ledger centering the hole in the scrap piece over the current hole. The walls of the hole in the scrap piece now act as a guide for the hole saw you will use so the hole saw won't slip into the existing hole and jamb up. Once the hole saw digs into ledger boards around the existing hole, it will guide itself.

If the hole saw you use is not deep enough and bottoms out before you get all the way through, take a chisel and break out the "plug" you have created and then continue drilling until you get through the ledger and rim joist.

You can then insert you conduit into the hole and go from there.
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The existing cable is not correct. You need to use individual wires outside the house, and the ground wire must be insulated.
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The cable isn't being used at all. It was put in before I finished the basement so I had a run from the main box to the back of the house for the hot tub in a future project (now that future project, the hot tub is happening).

The ground is indeed insulated. I think I paid like 175 bucks at the time for this cable because it was specifically used for wiring up hot tubs and I only got like 100 feet of it for that price.

I like your idea but I only foamed the inside. The outside just has the wire coming through the ledger board.

I like the junction box idea. All I would need was a small waterproof box that had a stub in the back. Then I could run the rest of the cable in the conduit out to the GFCI box.

Thanks guys.

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