Workshop panel to meter question !!


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Workshop panel to meter question !!

Ok...I am building a new workshop and will soon need to hookup the electrical. I worked with an electrician in college and am familiar with general safety and practices, but have not done this type of run before. We have no local codes or inspections.

Here we go...
I have a 200A meter main with feed through lugs on the pole. This unit feeds my house via the 200A breaker. My workshop will need 200A service, as I run multiple machines at the same time.

Can I simply run directly off the feed through lugs and install an additional 200A main (or subpanel?) in the workshop ??? ... Or do I need to have a second meter at the pole ?? Or am I missing something altogether ??
Any help is appreciated.

BTW...I know the necessary wire size, etc...just have questions on the panel hookups.

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What would be required here (with codes and inspections) for two 200 amp main panels is to upgrade your service to 320 amp and install a double lug meter base.
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I think you'd be looking at an upgrade to a 320A service with a disconnect and double lugged meter at the pole. The power company will usually charge a commercial rate for a second meter to one property, but you could call them and ask.
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It depends on several things.

If the total load will not exceed 200 amps then, you will not need to upgrade the service.

If the workshop is a commercial operation, some POCOs require a separate meter.

If you have a meter/main at the pole, the POCO probably requires OCPD for all conductors from that point. Using the feed through lugs would not provide overcurrent protection. If the meter/main panel has provisions for multiple breakers then you can feed the shop from another 200 amp breaker. If the combo panel only has space for the one 200 amp breaker then you can tap the existing feeder for the shop. In any case you will need a disconnect where the conductors enter the shop.

If the load will exceed 200 amps then you will need to up grade the service (with one or two meters) or add an additional 200 amp service with a separate meter.

Code or no code the POCO will only allow some things a certain way.

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