Flying Receptacles?


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Flying Receptacles?

Heard on the scanner today a house in town was hit by lightning and a couple receptacles blew out of their boxes and went across the room.

He called the fire department (he's a member) because the house was 'smokey'. All turned out well, no fire or anything.

I've heard lightning can do some crazy stuff but I've never heard of this. Makes me think twice about taking a shower during a storm.

I can't imagine this will be good for the electronics in the house and all connections should be checked.

Any comments and thanks.

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im not an electrician, but i do know lightning has a lot of power. and you are not supposed to take a shower during a lightning storm

i would guess the receptacles didnt fly across the room, they probably exploded in the box and pieces went across the room.

im my town a couple were walking in a field during a lightning storm, holding hands. lightning hit the woman, knocked her off her feet, traveled through her to him and into the ground. killing him because he was in contact with ground.

another guy in town got hit, blew the metal buttons off his clothes.

and i know a guy who's house got hit, it hit the power pole in the street ,went though his meter, blew the ground rod out of the ground, went through every foot of wire in his house, scorch marks on all the walls, followed the underground wires to his garage 100 yards away, blew the wire out of the ground, hit the first ground rod at the garage, blew it out of the ground, hit the second rod and stopped.
every foot of wire had to be replaced.

yes, i would think everything will need to be checked in the house you mentioned.

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