Replacing GFI


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Replacing GFI

I am trying to install a new GFI. Key word is "trying" When I took old one (dated 1979) out it had two white, two black and a green ground. The part that confused me is that when I took them off and marked them on the wall, I listed the "top" black and white were to be kept together. Okay, but with the new outlet it had neat little holes to put each black and white wire in. Hmmmm.

Little green light comes on but no power to this outlet or the other one in the other bathroom that it controls? Do I use a black and white jumper to group all the "top" wires together? Should I switch the "top" two wires around so the black and white are on each side?
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Black wires onto gold screws and white wires under silver screws. Newer ones can go into the clamps instead of the screws.

Some show a light when they are tripped, others when they are working, and most are tripped when purchased. Make sure the unit has been reset after installation.

Did you note which wires were landed on the LINE terminals and which were landed on the LOAD terminals, or were both pairs landed on the LINE terminals?
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Top and bottom are meaningless. So are left and right. You and too many other people make this same mistake. A receptacle can be put in either end up, and different manufacturers put the terminals in different places on their devices.

You need to put the power wires (those that supply power) on the LINE terminals. You need to put the wires leading to the rest of the circuit on the LOAD terminals.

The black (hot) wires go to the brass screws, and the white (neutral) wires go to the silver screws.

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