Newbie alert - Power adaptor help


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Question Newbie alert - Power adaptor help

Ok, guess i should start by saying hello everyone! My name is Ash, i am in the Uk and I am in need of some electrical direction. If its is ok to make my first post a question, then here goes.

I have digibox (freeview);

Model: DFTA11

The problem is, the power adaptor for this unit has packed in and i need to buy a new one. What i am struggling with is finding one that is suitable, only because of my lack of electrical knowledge. I have taken all the info from the adaptor and tried looking for one, but to be honest i dont know what i can and cant use, so i dont want to risk blowing the unit up.

What i am hoping i can do is, post a pic of the adaptor (with its info) and the same for the box and if someone could tell me what i can use, or even better, find me a suitable one from the website below. I know i might be asking alot, but if you dont ask, you never get. Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance


Pic of power adaptor - this is the info on the back of the plug (

Pic of digibox - this is the digi box it is to be used on

Website to look on - this is the website i am trying to find one on

Hope you can help

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From the Jentec web site I found this tx will work. AF1206E

I do not have much time today, but I found this site that you can surf for companies that might carry the tx.

I do not know the voltage of the wall outlets in the UK. The tx you spec has a range of 100 to 120. Yours only needs the actual voltage to be in that range. You need the 6 vdc to be right on, and the amps can be 1.5 or a little higher. Maybe as much as 2 amps would be ok.

good luck.
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You might want to inquire locally; this sort of power supply should be a commodity. In the US you could probably find one at any number of electronics, hobby, or discount stores.

You just need an input or primary voltage of 100-240 Volts AC at 50-60 Hz and an output of 6 Volts DC at 1.5A, with the plug polarity as shown. I am not sure about the symbols on the bottom line of your photo but maybe someone else knows.

I searched on the CPC website that you linked. They had a nice selector system under "Mains adapters" but I couldn't find what you need.

Also I am not sure this is the best forum for questions like this. You may get better results in a consumer electronics forum.
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Do you have a Maplin Electronics store near you? The following thread mentions Maplin:

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