Fair quote for moving dryer outlet?


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Fair quote for moving dryer outlet?

I have a room in my finished basement area that is about 10'x8' Its currently being used as a utility room.

The previous owners had the dryer on one of the long walls with the washing machine exactly opposite it on the other long wall (about 8 feet apart). Both in the corner of the room.

Unfortunately, they ran the dryer vent through the room, through the garage, and out the front of the house. There were multiple turns the vent had to make, and it was not up to code. We thus moved it next to the washing machine so it goes directly outside.

Now I need to move the outlet to that wall as well, and so I called 3 or 4 electricians in an attempt to get an estimate. The numbers have been all over the place.

The cheapest estimate I got was $150, the most expensive $500.

Im worried that the $150 guy isn't up to the task, and I think the $500 guy is trying to screw me.
How much should this cost, realistically? Thanks!
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Without seeing the layout or knowing about the setup, it's not possible to provide an accurate estimate. Either the electricians or guessing or you provided them additional information you have nor provided us/

Is the present setup three or four wire?

Are the walls open? If not, do you want to do drywall, or is it possible to route wires in some other manner?

Is the new location closer to or further from the main panel?

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