4 wire cooktop, 3 prong receptacle


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4 wire cooktop, 3 prong receptacle

We want to replace our old cooktop which is hooked up using a NEMA 10 plug and receptacle.

The new cooktop has 4 wires (no plug yet): White, Black, Red, and Green.

From what I found out that means the new cooktop uses 120V somewhere (there is a fan attached which I think uses the 120V) and therefore the neutral (white) wire can't be used as ground.

There's a warning for Grounding sticker that says:
"This appliance is for use on 3 wire 60Hz 120/208 or 120/240 volt supply service. The bare or Green Gound wire is grounded to the body frame. In areas where the neutral wire or the supply service is grounded, the bare or green wire of the appliance is to be connected to the neutral supply wire."

I am not sure what to do with this gound wire.
I am thinking about changing the receptacle to a NEMA 14 and connecting a NEMA 14 plug to the wires of the cooktop. Is this even possible (replacing NEMA 10 with NEMA 14)?
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Change the cord to a three wire cord. Follow the direction that came woth the appliance about how to connect up the three wire cord.

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