Patio Lighting Wet Location


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Patio Lighting Wet Location

I have a question about adding a light to my outdoor patio canopy. The canopy cover is only loose bamboo for partial shade and not waterproof. I want the light mounted to the underside of the canopy joist.

A little background. I am adding a new circuit from the circuit breaker to a SP switch inside my house, to the side of house in a weathertight junction box with a GFCI, into 1/2" IMC conduit underground to my patio support post. All the wiring is 12/2 romex inside the house and 12 gauge THWN in the conduit. The conduit goes vertical up the support post, to a 90 degree pull junction and runs horizontal over the top of the main canopy joist, a 4x6 beam. Then I drilled through the 4x6 beam and dropped the conduit vertically through the beam.

Now I want to mount a UL approved for wet location ceiling flush light. When I started the project I assumed I could run the conduit into a 4" round outlet box and the light would mount to the box with a gasket similiar to most flood lights. However it turns out that most ceiling mount outdoor lights are only meant for damp locations. I did find this one:
It is approved for wet locations but does not have a gasket to mount to conduit in any way. The top of the light is an open rectangle that expects you to use silicone caulk to seal it. How do I install this for use in a wet location? If I mounted this to plywood how would I make the seal with the conduit and where would the weep hole be?

How do you install a ceiling mount light in wet location such as a patio cover joist? Are there any other wet lighting options? I am almost ready to install a wall mount light where I know how to apply silicone caulk on three sides and leave the bottom to weep, but I would really rather have it ceiling mounted.

Thanks for your help!
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I'm a little unclear what you're up to, but the fixture you linked to is supposed to be installed on a recessed outlet box, and then the perimeter of the fixture seats against the finished surface.

If you were to install this fixture on a surface mounted box, it would likely not be installed per it's UL listing and would collect water. I'd keep looking for a more appropriate fixture.

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