Attic fan Thermostat replacement


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Attic fan Thermostat replacement

Hey guys,
Trying to replace the thermostat on the attic fan in our attic. I know I have to turn the power off in switchboard located in basement. there are two boxes near the fan. One is medium size circular box and other is rectangle smaller box. I had one of those free estimates guys come in and look at that thermostat and he said i need to replace the thermostat and he took out the small rectangular box and handed it over to me (by the way this has two black wires coming out). He said 350 dollars for changing so I said no thank you to him and let him go. Help from you guys can save me this money. I know thermostats are cheap at may be 20-30 bucks so I have opportunity to save some money for my son's PS3 need here. Any help with diagrams appreciated. I will shut power off dont worry. To give you backgroud, there is fan already installed and two boxes as stated above. also there is on/off switch wired in. so literally i just have to change the thermostat. let me know guys. thanks.
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Thermostat is just a temp. controlled switch. One side goes to the feed hot(blk), the other to the fan hot(blk). If the switch controlling the fan is off, there is no power in the fan unit, but for safety, turning it off at the service panels is a good idea.
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Attic Fan Replacement

Thank you for the tip. I also want to know why the rectangular box was given then??? the current one is existing inside the circular box right now and the new one I bought at home depot looks little diff and doesnt look like it will fit inside the circular box thermostat at the place of current one....but i wonder what this other box was for? was this rectangular box taken out by free estimate guy ....did he take it out from inside the circular box or was this rectangular box attached to circular box?
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Your last question is very confusing. Can you post a photo on a site such as photobucket or so we can see. I'm a bit worried you may not have bought the correct thermostat. You did buy a 120v one intended for attic fans? There are many other types.

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