Service replacement/upgrade


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Service replacement/upgrade

I just purchased a new home and the panel box had been wet inside. Therefore it need replacement. I am contemplating an upgrade versus a replacement. The house is 2400 sq.ft. and the appliances are all electric (we may convert to gas). The service there now is 150 Amp, I'm thinking of upgrading to 200 Amp. Is there a major cost difference between upgrading and replacement? Also, other than a bigger panel box, what else is involved (work wise)? Do any line entering the house have to be changed, etc...?
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if you have a 150 amp service, the feeders going into the meter base are probably also rated for 150 amps, so they will have to be replaced. As for upgrading the main breaker size, this is ONLY possible if the panel itself is rated for 200 amps, you can't just change the main breaker. You are more than likely going to have to replace the whole thing.
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> what else is involved (work wise)?

At the very least the service entrance conductors need to be changed between the panel and the meter, and (if overhead) between the meter and weatherhead.

You may need a new meter base, although it's possible yours is already rated for 200A with a 150A service.

You may need bigger conduit between the panel, meter and weatherhead to accommodate the larger 200A conductors. A 200A service requires minimum of 1-1/2" conduit for copper wires or 2" conduit for aluminum wires. If the wires actually lash to the mast above the roof line, the power company may require upgrade of the mast to meet new strength / weather standards if your old one isn't strong enough.
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re: Ben

Thank you for your input Ben. Do you think I need a 200 Amp service for a 2400 sq ft home? I am hearing mixed things. What's happening is that as part of the closing we required the seller to have the service changed due to water making it's way into the panel box via the meter line. Since he is replacing the service anyway, I figured why would I not just upgrade it. Well, he wants another $850 just for the upgrade. Is that outrageous??? I thought so.

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The devil is in the details. $850 is not a lot more if the supply wires need to be upgraded and if the 200 amp panel costs more than the 150 amp panel.

You need to decide for yourself how to proceed.

Here is what I can tell you. If you want 200 amp service then have it installed. Don;'t settle for $150 amp service and then attempt to upgrade later. You may end up throwing away brand equipment and the labor will have been wasted. I suggest doing the job once.

One other piece of advice. Work with the seller, rather than against the seller. Discuss and negotiate rather than demand. The last thing you want to do is to upset the person you are buying the house from. I'm not saying they would do this, but a mad seller can make your experience miserable.

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