Wiring Step Lighting


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Wiring Step Lighting

I purchased 4 60W (120V) step light units and was wondering what the best way to wire them up would be.

I have two switch boxes that I could wire to, one at the top and one at the bottom of the stairs. I'd like the lights to come on with a flip of either switch. The lighting for the stairway and the basement ceiling is on a single 20A breaker.

Each box has a white wire, black wire and a bare copper wire. What's the best way to approach this?
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You are not providing a decent picture of your current setup. Are these switches existing? What do they presently control? What have you already wired, if anything?

If the existing switch boxes only have those three wires, then neither one of them can be tapped, as they do not have power.
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Each step light box has three wires, as I indicated. They are not installed and are in boxes at the moment.

There are two light switch boxes in my stairwell that allow the basement lights to be switched on and off, one at the top of the steps and one at the bottom. Both are accessible, as the backside of the staircase wall is exposed. These boxes are what I was referring to when I said I had two switch boxes I could access.

If I could tap into either of these light switch boxes or the wiring that feeds them, I could wire up my lights and control the lights from either switch I assume.

I haven't wired anything as yet, but I plan on cutting the holes and installing the fixtures this weekend in advance of wiring them up.
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Yes, you can add your new lights to this circuit, as long as the circuit can handle an extra 240 watts. To figure this out you need to know what is alrteady on the circuit.

To figure out where you would attach to the existing circuit, you need to understand how the circuit is wired. You can definitely attach to the circuit at the existing light. You may or may not be able to attach to the circuit at one of the switch boxes, it depends on the wiring.

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