Replace duplex outlet w/combo switch/receptacle


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Replace duplex outlet w/combo switch/receptacle

Presently have three separate duplex outlets in a row in garage. I want to replace the middle duplex outlet with a combination Single Pole Switch and Grounding Receptacle (to power an exterior lamppost and also continue power to the bottom receptacle on this combo and the next duplex outlet). I had wired duplex as follows: incoming Blk to brass post, incoming Wht to silver post, Grnd to green post; and outgoing Blk (to next duplex in line) to other brass post on duplex, outgoing Wht to other silver post, and twisted Grnd to other incoming Grnd -- worked OK...Then I replaced the duplex.....
I wired the combo as follows and get no power to either the lamppost or the next outlet:
incoming Black and the Blk to next outlet(twisted and pigtailed) to the lower brass post(receptacle end of the device) ; Black out to the lamp wired to the upper brass post (on the switch end of the device) ;;
incoming White and the Wht to next outlet (twisted and pigtailed) to the lower silver post(receptacle end) ; White out to the lamp wired to the upper silver post (switch end) ;
all three Ground wires pigtailed together and attached to the Green ground screw.
--- Lamppost no workee, no power to next outlet either --- what I do wrong?? how fixee????
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You should have looked at the combination receptacle/switch and/or followed the directions that came with it. Directions are meant to be read.

You do not have a neutral to the light. You have hot and switched hot.

All three neutral wires (the white ones) need to get wired together and pigtailed to the silver screw for the receptacle.

The incoming hot (black) wire and the outgoing hot wire (black) to the next receptacle need to get connected together and to the input of both the switch and the brass receptacle terminal. Since there are two screw terminals joined together with a tab, the easiest thing to do is to attach one wire to each screw terminal.

The outgoing switched hot (black) wire for the lamp needs to get connected to the output side of the switch. This is the terminal above the neutral connection of the receptacle.

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