Sub to sub grounding


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Sub to sub grounding

Here is the situation:
The Main Disconnect is on an outside wall next to the meter.
Directly behind it on the inside wall is the primary breaker panel. Since this primary panel (I'll call Sub#1) is technically a sub panel, the ground and neutral are isolated.
Sub#1 feeds another sub (Sub#2) through another wall 20 feet away which serves only the kitchen circuits (many) and the garage (few).
For the ground conductor from sub#2, is it preferable (or required) to bypass the ground bus on sub#1 and run it directly to the disconnect? Or should I tie it to the still isolated ground bus on sub#1.
Or does it even matter? This is still in the design stage and I can do either.
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Yes, it matters.

You need a four wire cable from sub 1 to sub 2. The ground from sub 2 must go back to the ground in sub 1.

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