microwave wiring


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microwave wiring

I am replacing some parts in my GE Spacemaker (over-the-range) microwave (model #JVM1660SB003) and

The capacitator has 3 terminals on the bottom, with 2 of them side by side, and one by itself.

There are 2 red wires merged together with a connector at the end and 1 white wire with a connector at the end.

I assume that the red wire, white wire and diode should be attached to the 3 capacitator terminals and the other end (ring terminal) of the diode should be grounded.

Can someone tell me which wires should be attached to each of 3 capaciator terminals?

Thank you.
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Correction - the capacitator actually has only 2 terminals, but one of the terminals has 1 connector contact and the other has 2 connector contacts.

Can anyone advise me where each wire should be connected?

Thank you

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First, working inside a microwave is an electrocution hazard; many appliance shops don't even do it because it's not worth the risk. It is strongly recommended that microwaves only be serviced by qualified shops because of the high-voltage electrocution hazard and because of the radiation leakage hazard which qualified shops can test for after servicing. Microwave capacitors store a lethal amount of energy, even when unplugged. Please follow this link and read carefully:


What you should do is get a wiring diagram from the manufacturer. It's usually printed on the inside of the appliance cover. The color of the wires doesn't help unless you can identify which poles of which components they come from.

If you still want to proceed, you need to identify the (+) and (-) terminals of the capacitor. Getting this backwards will likely ruin the transformer. The ungrounded terminal of the secondary winding from the HV transformer connects to the (+) terminal of the capacitor. The ring terminal of the diode grounds to the appliance frame; the other end of the diode connects to the (-) terminal of the capacitor. One of the winding terminals of the filament transformer also must connect to the (-) terminal of the capacitor.
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I've checked my own oven (This section (H.V. Capacitor) is the same in all);
So try this:
Plug the terminal which has two connectors one to the Diode and the other to the Magnetron.
Now plug the single one to to the H.V. Transformer.
That's it...

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