Range Burner Wiring


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Range Burner Wiring

Hi all
I am in the process of building a meat smoker. My plans call for using an electric range burner element (small, 1500 watt) the appropriate plug-in for the burner, and an infinite setting burner controll.
I have collected all the parts from a discarded GE ( I think) range. It's all pretty straight-forward, wiring-wise, except a bit of confusion as to the connections on the control.
There are five connection pins as follows L1, L2, H1, H2, and P. Now, am I correct in assuming that L1, L2 are line and H1 and H2 are load? And P I guess that I will disregard as I am wiring just to the 220 V line.
Any clarity here would be great and as always thanks in advance
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Thread moved from Appliance-Electric. I think these guys can help you out.
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P would be the pilot light.Connect a neon indicator between than and line neutral. Not really needed for the control to work though.

You are correct for the others, I am sure.

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