Grounding A Swimming Pool


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Grounding A Swimming Pool

We are wiring a semi-inground pool. My husband was an electrician 15 years ago and knows how to ground above ground pools but the new semi-inground seem to be grounded already just by installing. is this true or is there something else he needs to do? Where can we get this info?
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Since he was an electrician he should know that the pool and other equipment needs to be BONDED, not grounded.

You can read the National Electrical Code for the specific requirements.

Pools are no place to be guessing about.
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As pcboss said, pools are not grounded. They are bonded.

All metal, including a metal pool, ladder, whatever are bonded together and to a bond connection on the pump.
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Pool wiring has its own section of code and some very specific rules, and I know enough to know that I don't know them. You will need to double check which version of the NEC is followed in your area, and then read the swimming pool section.

In particular, you are going to have to determine if you are required to install an 'equipotential bonding grid'; this is required for in ground installations, but I don't know what 'semi-inground' means with respect to this requirement. You will want to know about these bonding requirements before you start anyting, because doing them after the fact could be _very_ expensive.


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