Adding an outlet off of existing one


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Adding an outlet off of existing one

I'm about to add another outlet in my garage. The only one I can use to attach to has two 14/2 wires - which means it's not the last on this circuit. I read a few "to do's" and they all say to use the last one, without specifying why. What are the potential dangers/caveats or simply using an existing outlet as a T-connection?
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There is no danger in not using the last one with the possible exception of exceeding box fill. With a "standard" box it is unlikely you will exceed box fill. What are the dimensions of the box? You will need to disconnect the wires to the receptacle and connect them and the new wire plus a short wire called a pigtail together with a wirenut. The pigtail goes to the screws on the receptacle. In other words all blacks in a wire nut (probably red size wirenut), all whites together in a wire nut, and all bares or green together.
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Thank you so much - it worked just great. The box was definitely not filled to its capacity.
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Sorry azonin, box fill is NOT based on whether or not everything fits. Box fill is a calculation based on sire size, wire count, device count and box size. It is very easy to overfill a box even if everything fits nicely.

In your case it is unlikely you overfilled the box, but we can't tell unless we know all the details.

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