Wiring a Carport


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Wiring a Carport

On the side of my house I have a carport, well more like an open garage. It is butted up against the side of the house. The back wall is brick / plywood. The otherside is the neighbors carport and the front is open for the car to come in. I would like to install a couple outlets and an overhead light. The outlets could be installed on the exterior wall of the house and ran right into the basement.

Which type of wiring would I need?

The outlets are going to be used mostly for lighting, and maybe a radio.
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The wiring inside the house and on the interior wall can be NM if it is allowed in your area.

For anything that is exposed you will need to protect it. Here you should use conduit. Since it is outside and may be exposed to water, I would use THWN wires in the conduit or if just using the conduit for protection in limited areas, UF-B.

Don;t forget that the receptacles need to be GFCI receptacles, or they at least need GFCI protection from another location (breaker or GFCI receptacle elsewhere).
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A lot depends on whether the areas that this wiring will be run in would be considered dry, damp, or wet. Are they completely protected from the weather.

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