Neutral Bar


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Neutral Bar

Hello. I'm installing a Cutler Hammer 125 amp sub panel off my Cutler Hammer 200 amp main panel.

I'm using -3- wire plus the ground, wire size 1/0 AWG. The circuit breaker and the ground bar are not the problem

The subpanel can accomodate the neutral wire on the neutral bar. The main panel neutral bar cannot accept the neutral wire (diameter to big).

Question, can I secure the main and the sub panel neutral in the same lug ? Not sure if I have to buy a special neutral bar,etc. I don't want to do something that I may regret later.

Thank You
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there are add-on lugs that attach to the neutral bar that will accept the new neutral wire. You may have to go to a supply house that sells CH equipment. Don;t know if any of the big box stores that sell CH would stock them but they might.

Do not install the subpanel neut in the same lug as the main service neut.
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I know that home cheapo sells add on lugs that go up to 2/0 for CH
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Add-on Lug Rip Off Price

Hello, thanks for the information. I coudn't find what I needed (add-on lug) at either Home Depot or Lowes.

I went to two electrical supply stores and found what would work.

Nothing for nothing but I ended up paying $9.00 for an add-on lug that would make the pentagon purchase contractors blush !

It's no wonder Home Depot and Lowes do so well, when you got the local supply house gouging the s--- out of anyone who's not a contractor !

Just my two cents, thanks again.


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