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Could putting a refrigator on a shared circuit effect its energy usage? Its new and suppose to be very efficient.

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It is best, and often code, to have a refrig on its' own circuit. But it will work fine on a shared circuit. Modern refrigerators are getting much more power efficient, but it will draw what it needs, it matters not what else is on the line. But should the breaker trip for whatever reason, you may not know it until a lot of food has gone south.
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No. The energy usage of the refrigerator does not depend on what else is on the circuit.
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Except if there is so much other load on the circuit and the distances are so long that the voltage drop is significant. If you have that refrigerator in the basement on a 100-foot extension cord, you could be in this situation. At low voltages, motors tend to run hot and inefficiently.
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You could possible achieve better "energy efficiency" if you can locate the fridge so that air can circulate around it. The condensing-coil on the rear of the fridge must externally dissapate the heat that was absorbed by the refrigerant. If the fridge is "boxed-in" between and under cabinets, air-circulation across the condensing-coil is much restricted.

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