Electrical Move


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Electrical Move

I have a sliding glass door that is being replaced with a wider one, by a foot. I have a recepticle that needs to be moved so I opened the box today and saw that the wires go up to the celing and not down (below this floor is a basement where I can get access to the wires that are there).

Since this goes up I have no idea how to trace this through the walls? Is this common, what is the reason and where is the possible end of this wire?

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Yes, this is common. The cable may go all the way to the ceiling or it may go up to just above the door and across the top, or any other direction.

If you have a single cable your task is easier, and you may be able to relocate the receptacle. If there are two ables, your job is harder.

The likely end of the cables is another receptacle on the circuit.
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IFthere are 2 cables in the box, tracing won't solve the problem-- the cables must remain connected in a different location.

Presumimg there is a space between the top of the door, and the ceiling, then move the cables Left/Right and across the nearest stud and then "fish" them down to a new outlet-box.

I well understand that the lenth of the cables will result in locating the outlet-box at a higher elevation because of the in-direct routing.

Good Luck, & Learn & Enjoy from the Experience!!!
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OK, after reading the posts here and more research, I found the romex goes to the top, across my sliding glass door and down the other side to a receptacle. From the basement I was able to get from the first receptcale to the next bypassing the romex over the top of the door. So now I just have this unconnected piece of romex that isn't connected at either end. I put wire nuts on the ends and was able to tuck them in.

I guess when the wall is opened I need to put one end of the wires in a box. The other end is already in a box.
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If the cable is disconnected at each end you may shove the ends out of the box and abandon it in place.

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