Romex Question


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Romex Question

My house was built in California in 1978. The predominant type of Romex used in the house wiring has the following markings:

Rome Roflex Type NM, 12/2 w/ground (UL), 600v E-15446.

Another type found, but not as prevalent, has the following markings:

Rome Roflex Type NM, 14/3 w/ground (UL), 600v E-15446.

I recently purchased some new interior ceiling lights that had the following statement printed on the shipping box:

"For supply connections, use wire suitable for at least 90 degrees centigrade. Warning-risk of fire, most dwellings built before 1985 have a supply wire rated 60 degrees centigrade, consult a qualified electrician before installing."

Well, the electricians I have talked to can't seem to give me a definitive answer about this issue.

Is the type of Romex I currently have in my house adequately rated to support such a light without creating a fire hazard?

With regards to the type of Romex that I have, what is it rated to temperature wise?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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Romex is a name brand. You do not have Romex. You have NM cable. Your cable is NOT rated for 90 degrees. To be rated for 90 degrees it would say NM-B. You have 60 degree cable.
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Wow. I'm just impressed you read the box and looked at the wires enough to have a good question! Bravo!

To be honest, I'd not even give it a second thought. The connections should be made inside the junction box above the fan, and there is still no temperature rise worth considering in the junction box at the top of the fan either. But the call is yours to make.

FWIW, the Romex (or whatever brand) would be type NM-B to be the 90-degree C rating.

This is a good question. Insurance companies are extremely picky about small details even when completely unrelated things go wrong.

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