building a battery pack for old camera,help


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building a battery pack for old camera,help

I have an old rca video camera and all the batterys i have are bad and they dont make them has a jack to plug into ac with an adapter. it is a 9.6v ,1.7a power supply. i was thinking of putting a few D batteries together in series to get the voltage and run it into my camera.6 would make 9v but i'm not sure about the amps.and would 9v be enough?

any advice?
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I suspect that somewhere on either the camera or the old battery it states the voltage.

Yeah, six "D" cells would probably get it going but they may not last too long.

The original battery was probably made up of eight NiCad cells. NiCads have a nominal voltage of 1.2 per cell so eight of them would be 9.6 volts.
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Well if this is to be a unit carried separate you could consider using a small rechargeable 12V battery and a car adapter that drops car voltage to 9V. Perhaps a battery intended for use in a child's toy car or even a small lawn tractor. .Plan b and perhaps better look for a replacement battery for a 9 volt drill and use it by making a connection adapter.

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