Deck Lamp Question


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Deck Lamp Question


Will be installing a halogen flood light (the rectangular kind with the
linear bulb) over my Deck.

The light has a nice flange on its shell (metal) that can go right against
the siding. Lots of room inside for the wire nuts and wiring.

But, I understand that this is not allowed by code, and there should be a
metal box, I think they are called Bell Boxes, between the light's flange and the siding.

a. Is this "really" necessary ? If there's plenty of room inside the lamp for the wiring, isn't placing it right against the siding, perhaps with an RTV bead, "good-enough" ?

(I think just about every outdoor light I've seen has the flange right against the siding, and no intermediate box, but... Would like to do it "right", and to code, though)

b. If it is, is it necessary to use one of those *threaded NM wire clamp
pieces that would screw into the back of the box where it lays against the
siding, or can I just use a bushing (possibly plastic, possibly metal) to
cover up the threads so they couldn't cut the wire and no wire clamping ?

It would probably work, but it sure would be a funny way to do it.
Would the NM clamp piece be inside the box, or on the outside of the box and
therefore pushed into the siding's wire hole ?

*not really sure what the correct term for this piece is. I'm thinking of
the piece that is essentially a bushing, with one side threaded (will screw
into a metal box), and the other end has a thin metal clamp with two screws
for securing the NM wire

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Yes, you need a box. However, the box does not have to be metal. Plastic is allowed. The box must either be recessed in the siding (in the wall itself) or you need a surface mount box.

Some boxes have internal clamps, others need to have clamps added.

How are you running the cable that brings power to the light? If you run the wire inside the wall then inside cable (NM-B) can be used. However, if you run wiring outdoors where subject to water then it needs to be waterproof cable (UF-B) or waterproof wires in conduit. Depending on where the cable is run outdoors, conduit may be needed anyway.

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