circuit breaker help


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circuit breaker help

1/4 of my house does not any power, i went to check the circuit breaker , but my breaker box is not labled, is what can i do before call in help and sending alot of money ?
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How many breakers do you have? What types of things are out of power?

Sometimes you can't tell if a breaker is tripped (usually, though, the handle will be in the middle, but different breakers can be different).

First, turn off and then back on each breaker. This will reset them, even if they were tripped but didn't show it.

What was being powered at the time the power went out?

What make and type are your breakers?
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Now you know what you SHOULD have done previously. Shortly after you moved in you should have completely and thoroughly mapped out what is on each and every circuit breaker and what each and every circuit breaker controls. The time to discover you have no idea what circuit breaker controls a light, appliance or receptacle is when that something is still working.

As for what you can do, it all depends on how skilled you are and how much you want to do. I would figure out where in your panel the problem is, if it is in your panel. I would measure the output of each and every breaker to see if it a problem with a breaker or not. Then I would investigate the problem areas.

However, you haven't given us any clues about what parts of your house are without power, or if there is any rhyme or reason to the problem areas.

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