Exposed wiring advise


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Exposed wiring advise

I have a planter area inside the courtyard adjacent to a pool. Here is a picture:

Since the house was recently purchased and no plans was available (checked with city said plans older than 1975 were microfilmed and later eaten up by parasites). I recently cleared the plants off the planter area and noticed there are additional wiring connected to the receptacles.

There is a switch on the exterior wall about 5 feet from the receptacle. The wire runs from the receptacle to the ground, under the slab and come up to the receptacle inside the planter area. What I did not anticipate was that there are two more wires than run from the receptacle to somewhere else.

There is a line B that runs via a PVC conduit under the deck, I am not sure where it goes.

Then there is another wire that is protected by a metal conduit, only the metal conduit is all corroded and falling apart. The wire inside is red and says "8 AWG TYPE TW" I am not sure what that means, do I need to replace the corroded metal pipe with another? If so, how do I find replace it? I dug around the exposed red wire under the deck and it continues under the deck, I used my hand to feel around it and it looks like it is exposed at least for as far as I can reach with my hand and elbow. How can I replace that corroded metal pipe if I cannot even find a section of conduit that is not corroded so badly?

It seems one of the two wires may have something to do with the pool light at night.

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Turn off the circuit, or disconnect the wires and find out what no longer works.

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