Need some specs for old Challenger main panel


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Question Need some specs for old Challenger main panel

I'm hoping someone here has an old Challenger book sitting around and can provide some specs on the main panel serving my condo and 3 others.

The equipment is labeled "Challenger M3M412-BC 800 Amp 3 Phase 208Y-120". It has 4 meter sockets and 50 Amp main breakers (yes, only fifty) to each condo. Specifically I'm trying to find if the temperature rating is 60 or 60/75.

I'm going to install an air conditioner and need to know if I can increase the breaker to 60 Amps without doing a full blown service upgrade. I know, a full upgrade would be nice, but since this is a condo my service cables run through 4 other units before they get to me making it nearly impossible. I've talked a senior building inspector for my city and he said as long as the equipment is rated 60/75, then I can increase the service to 65 Amps (though since I doubt they make a 65 Amp breaker, I'll just go with a 60). I've had a load calculation done and the extra 10 Amps would make a huge difference in what type of equipment I could install. Since the panel capacity is 800 Amps and together all the condos are only using 200 of that I'm sure I could go another 10 without a problem, but I'm just getting the info he asked for since he'll be doing the inspection and it will ultimately need his blessing.

Thanks in advance for any specs you can provide on this panel.

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Are you in the US? Not an expert but the specs I seem to be reading in your post doesn't make sense for a four condo unit in the US. Can you confirm you have 3phase power coming in (three hot and a neutral)? What about the individual boxes for each condo?
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Yes I'm in the US (So Calif). The main panel where the meters are is labeled/rated 3 phase though who knows if it is hooked up that way. But it's also rated 800 amps and clearly it's not supplying anywhere near that. I just need to know the temp specs for the main panel. I could open it up but I'd rather not mess with it if I don't have to. Everything else is 60/75. The 125 amp subpanel for each unit is supplied with 2 hots, 1 neutral, and 1 ground. I've checked that.

(I know, the whole thing doesn't make sense and I'm not going to try to figure it out since it's all I have to work with while I live here. I really just need to know the specs to satisfy my city's building dept.)

All I know is that it was permitted when it was built back in 1989 so I can only assume it met the minimum requirements. He told me that they may have downsized the main breakers to save money like they did with everything else in the complex.

Can you tell me what the specs are for the main panel?
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Let me step in here for a min this is pretty big main breaker and IMO i think you should not mess around with it.

The 800 amp main brekaer useally rated at 75 C termation point but some do rated at 60 C but 75 is the normal type of termation tempture

for smaller breaker it generally dual rated like 60/75C it mean it can be termated with either way most newer breaker will useally marked 75C

really it will be much wiser to get the electrician to verify the system espcally from the meter to condo breaker the wires it can make the big diffrence there depending on which type of wire it have in the conduct or SEU cable there that is the main moot point with the wire type it can change everything there.

Merci , Marc

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