recepticle loss power


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recepticle loss power

Hi there, i have a problem in my apartment. i replaced the ceiling fixture with a new one. prior to that all receptacles in that room (3 total) worked fine. i have somebody change the fixture for me and when the fixture was in place, i lost power to two receptacles. the person took out the fixture to found out the problem and we noticed when you touch the wires, the receptacles start working again. we tried to put the fixture back again without moving the wires but it is impossible. so i lost power again. we did the same thing again, took out the fixture, move the cables and try to put the fixture and power loss. only one recepticle works fine. can you tell me what is the problem? is it a problem with the wires, may be they are old or is it a problem somewhere else? please tell me what is the problem and how can it be fixed. thanks
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1. You should not be doing work in an apartment. it is likely illegal, and even if legal sets you up for extreme liability if you cause a fire. You should have called the company or person who owns the property and had them send someone to connect the new fixture.

2. All that needed to be done was to pay attention to the wires attached to the old light and connect the same wires to the new light.

3. Either the other wires were intentionally messed with, or one or more has come undone and and you didn't get the back together properly.

4. If you tell us the complete wiring at the ceiling and at the switch we can certainly help you get it right.
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Bad news. What you did was almost certainly illegal. The only legal option is to have the landlord hire an electrician.

Otherwise, hire one yourself to make SURE it is done properly. You will burn down more than your own place if you get it wrong, which is why this illegal.

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