undercabinet lighting


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undercabinet lighting

I have a couple of questions about undercabinet lighting. I purchased a set of five halogens lights that are designed to be put in under a cabinet. The lights are designed to be plugged in, but I don't like the tangle of wires that leaves. I decided to direct wire them to an existing light switch. I ran the lights into a junction box installed behind the wall, above the counter. I wired them directly to some romex 12/2 that I pulled into the attic. In the attic I connected the cabinet lighting romex to an existing 12/2 line - connecting an existing light and the undercabinet lights into an existing light switch (in an junction box). Is this safe? I just finished and the wall is still open and I started to wonder if wiring designed to be plugged in was okay to be tied directly into a 12/2 line...Also - does my junction box need to be anything more than a metal box into which I run the wires and cap them (with tape)? Oh- and one more question - the 12/2 has a ground...which terminates in the new junction box - what should I do with that. My circuit has plenty of wattage to spare - so I'm not worried about that, and everything works when I flip the breaker...so - I just wanted to make sure.

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Everything that works is not safe. This is not safe. You cannot run the wires from theses lights into the wall and terminate them in a junction box. These wires are not the proper gage (thickness) or type for in wall use, and they will overheat and could cause a fire.

You should have installed one or more receptacles inside cabinets, and run the cords and plugs to the receptacles (or to any receptacle) to plug them in as normal.
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Thanks for the advice. I just finished it wiring the way you suggested. Thanks for taking the time to steer me straight...it looks clean and is wired correctly.


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