Open Neutral but still works


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Open Neutral but still works

I have a circuit for one of our bedrooms that only has 1 working outlet. However, ALL outlets say "Neutral Missing" with my little outlet tester. I'm pretty sure that the first outlet in the circuit is the one that works, as when I disconnect the other cable coming into the box, I lose power at all the other outlets. I've tried a new outlet, but this didn't fix the problem either. Do I have a short in the cable somewhere, or maybe back in the main box? I thought if an outlet had a missing neutral it wouldn't work.........

Confused in SC,

- Tyler
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A receptacle will not work without a neutral. Are you sure your tester is working properly?

However, a multi-wire circuit, depending on how wired, may appear to work with no neutral. Do you have a multi-wire circuit

Understand that replacing the receptacle, while inexpensive, was probably wasted effort. Very rarely does a receptacle fail in such a manner that a properly connected wire will be open.

Put away your plug in tester, use a two wire tester and test the wires themselves.
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Did you open up any of the receptacles that show an open neutral? Look at the first one past the one that works first.
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typically in a situation like this you have two choices for a problem area, the last outlet that works , or the first one that doesnt.

I'll ask one of the other guys to chime in here, But being a bedroom, and requiring afci protection, could the ckt tester be giving false readings because of an AFC breaker?

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