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On/Off Switch

Good Evening. I have a sump pump to my septic system. The pump is hooked already to the breaker box. What I want to do is connect an on/off switch to the outside of my building that can be utilized instead of going to the breaker to turn the power when I service. the pupm. What kind of box should I use, and will it already have a switch, or will I have to install an outside weather proof box, and install a regular 15/20 amp on/off in the box.

Thanks in advance for any tips
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I would not recommend a remote switch for a sump pump, especially if you have water problems. Too much chance that it might get switched off and forgotten. For service, just pull the plug.
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> will I have to install an outside weather proof box, and install a regular
> 15/20 amp on/off in the box.

This is allowed, however Bill makes a good case as for why you may not want to do it. Make sure to use an appropriate weather tight cover for the switch.
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Why dont you have a Float switch on your pump? You would use the breaker or the plug for svc , and regular "DUTY " of the pump would be automatic and never need to be thought about.
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The breaker is in my shop, which I keep locked. A on/off would allow a service person to work on the pump with me not there. There is a float on the pump.

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If you don't want to use the cord and plug, just install a switch at a location where it will not accidentally be turned off. If that location requires waterp protection, then use a waterproof switch. If it doesn't, then you don;t need it.
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Smile My story . . . .

How about this ........ True story......
My pump which seldom is ever needed,was simply pluged into an outside water tight box.....The box being outside was of course GFI ....
Well .......one night,during a good rain,the pump was running (the system was under a load),and there was a (not near) lightening strike...It was near a 1/4 away I guess........ Well I found out what can happen,when running a electric motor,via a GFI.....
It tripped the GFI,........hence no pump running....... It took awhile for me to figure out what was happening. I never was standing near by when it would shut off.......I did however notice several times that the GFI would be tripped out....... GFI's are good things ..... It beats the heck outta frying.......
However due to the workings of the GFI,it will certainly trip,with the load of an electric motor,with even the slightess,budge in current flow.... (word it the way you will)
My point.....I saw it mentioned ..... (to plug it in) ........
If the plug is outdoors,it's gotta be a GFI outlet.......Hence I would not go that route..... You will lose power to the pump...
If the motor/pump is ran directly from a breaker,I would fill comfortable with your switch idea....... But not a pluged in affair via GFI outlet...
Just watch the warning about accidentally turning the power off.......

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