Receptacle no power


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Receptacle no power

hi there, i have combination switch in my bathroom. in other words, it is a receptable that has a switch on top an a plug at the bottom. the switch controls the light fixture on top of the bathroom cabinet. it is a GCFI receptable. it was working fine until one day i connect my shaving machine and no power came out. i tested my machine in other plugs around the house and it works fine. i even pressed the test button but nothing happens. when i press the switch the lights (big bulb)on top of the cabinet turns on but the plug is not working. can somebody tell me what is the problem? do i need to replace it?
is it normal for the switch to work but not the plug? this receptable has two reset button (black) and a test button (red). tried pressing both but nothing
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Don't press the test button. Press the reset button. But I've never seen one with more than one reset button. Are you sure there are two of them?

Go buy a $6 outlet tester, a device that plugs in and has three lights on it.
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sorry, it has one TEST button and one reset buttons. not two. i pressed both buttons and nothing happen. what you think is the problem?
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Either the receptacle is bad, or there is an open somewhere on the circuit.
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Have you guys considered making a "sticky" regarding loss of power on receptacles?

I see you guys answer these questions multiple times a day.
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It does seem like with the large number of similar questions asked daily, a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section might be a welcome resource--where you could point people towards "look at #4 on the FAQ." and we'd have the best first answer there.

I'd be happy to do some data mining for the most popular questions and best answers from the pros here (racraft, ipbrooks, John Nelson, itsunclebill, MAC702, etc.)

If any of the mods thing that would be a good thing, I'd be happy to spend some time helping with it--it's the least I could do given all the advice I've received here.
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There are many web sites that give generic electrical information. The advantage to this forum is that it is individualized and interactive.

It may seem that we give the same answers to the same questions over and over again. A closer inspection, however, will reveal that the questions are usually slightly different, and the answers are correspondingly slightly different.

One big problem with all electrical advice, on the web and in books and even in this forum, is that two situations that seem identical to the novice are often different. People get into trouble all the time applying a wiring diagram out of a book to a situation that is not quite the same. They also get into trouble reading this forum and applying the advice we give to somebody else to themselves, again when the situations are not quite the same.

I've tried writing up an FAQ page. It's not as easy as it seems at first. Every simple question has a simple answer, but then there are a whole lot of "excepts" and "unless" qualifiers. The simple answer soon gets very complicated.

I always encourage people to ask their own questions. We don't mind giving the same answers over and over again, especially since the answers are seldom exactly the same.

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