whole house fan wiring question


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whole house fan wiring question

i have an old house fan that the previous owner's installed. it looks to be about 25 years old. it doesn't have a rheastat for the fan switch just a cheap dimmer switch. I was in the attic to replace some old aluminum wiring (redoing the kitchen) and noticed that the attic fan seem to be powered from the switch. also from two different sources, 3 cable runing into the switch al two wire W/ ground (not sure of the size old aluminum wiring loos like #14).
my question is why would the fan switch have two power sources and why is it not directly powered. are they using a wire from the other souse for the dimmer? or is there something else i'm missing? Also, there is a control box with a wiring diagram on it that shows two wires going to a wall switch and two wires to the fan. don't have a model # but i believe it's a sears fan. i'll try to find a make nad model and post back later.

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You are not providing an assurate enough picture for me to understand what you have.

Try again.

Tell us all the wires that are part of this setup and how they are connected to anything.
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If the switch box in the attic has 3 cables, it is probably a feed thru and the switch leg to the dimmer. Or if the dimmer has the feed, the box in the attic could simply be a junction for another ckt.
You would have to open both locations to see what is going on.
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Most whole-house fans have two-speed motors. That's probably why there's an extra wire.
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sorry didn't do enough demo in my kitchen. went back and did more and found an old box left hanging in the wall that they jut left there. called an electrician to finish the project. too much funky and wacky wiring for me to try to fix by myself.

thanks for your help

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