Mixing plastic and metal conduit?


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Arrow Mixing plastic and metal conduit?

I want to mix a section of 1/2" metal conduit with a section of 1/2" plastic conduit where a branch of 110 comes out of the house above grade and drops into the ground (using type UF) to the BBQ. Is it possible to mix metal and plastic? Are there any special fittings or considerations?

Thanks guys!
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Yes you can do it BUT. Id for sure check code there first. For what you can and cant do.
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Aside from code...

What fittings do I use to join them together, metal or plastic?

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Use threaded adapters for each and screw together. Example screw together a female PVC adapter and a male EMT adapter. There may be special adapters also but why do you want to mix them?
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Waterproof outlet box already is on the house with plastic conduit that goes into the ground through pavers that we don't want to disturb. For appearances, the grey conduit (and nearby black gas pipe) look bad. Sooooo, since the old gas pipe is being upgraded and the new will be powder coated the color of the house, changing the visible portion of conduit to metal means it can be coated as well. By carefully cutting the plastic above grade, the pavers are not disturbed and the visible part can be prettied up. The conduit houses type UF and is open underground, so water penetration is a non issue.
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Do not put any glue on the conduit or attempt to use glue while the cable is in place. The glue will destroy the insulation of the cable.
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With a primer, PVC conduit (or metal for that matter) can be painted to match the house or foundation appropriately.
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When joining metal and PVC conduit, use a male threaded fitting on the PVC and threaded female coupling on the steel. I prefer to thread plastic into metal to prevent cracks in the plastic. Also what Bob said, pull the conductors out before working on the conduit.

If this is just for looks, how about leave the PVC conduit as-is and make a metal sleeve of a larger size conduit to slide over the PVC?
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Don't forget that if you add metal conduit to a nonmetallic system, you must make sure that the metal conduit is bonded to the equipment grounding conductor.

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