Useful resource for learning residential wiring?


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Many people like and recommend this book. I always recommend the paperback book "Wiring Simplified" as good one to start with and as a reference.
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Useful resource for learning residential wiring?

Hey everyone,

I've decided I need to read a book to learn some of the more details regarding home wiring. I found a few on amazon, but would really appreciate any advice on books known to be helpful.

Heres the book I found: Is it any good?

Wiring a House:
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I have learned a lot from "The Complete Guide to Home Wiring" by Black & Decker. (They have an Advanced Wiring book which complements it and is also good.)

You can find it at the orange or blue big box stores. Just be careful you get the most recent version (should say at least Copyright 2005 and "complies with the new National Electric Code" on the front.) I've seen the much older version sitting around it a hardware store recently.

It has great illustrations and cutaways. There are a few things I'd probably change about it if it were my book, but for the price I think it's a great resource.

I also having Wiring Simplified which is always recommended here and that's a good read as well and can also be picked up at at least the orange store around here (if not the blue one too.)
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Wiring simplified is coming out with a new book in March of 2008. Will much have changed, or is it still worth it to get the 2007 book?

Are there many photos in the book? I learn well from seeing pictures, rather than just diagrams
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Electrical Wiring Residential, Ray Mullin.

Check the library. It's a trade school textbook, usually more expensive, but excellent illustrations and explanations.
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I like Rex caldwells book

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